My Lean Six Sigma consulting concept will be adapted to your needs in your company. From the first moment on, sustainable improvements of your Lean projects are the main focus for me. We achieve this through a clear project definition as well as effective project planning and control. The keys to success are: actively involving employees, transparent working with key performance indicators (KPI's) and detailed project information. Training and coaching are naturally part of my established consulting concept.


DMAIC Plus Workshop Structure

"If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution."

Steve Jobs

I offer the following workshops:

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Workshop

Are you looking for cost optimization potentials? Value Stream Mapping is a method to analyze the actual state of a processes or services in a clear and transparent way. Based on the value stream analysis, potential for optimization in production technology and business processes are identified.

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Workshop capacity analysis

Do you need addition production capacity? In this workshop we analyse current capacity and develop an action plan to increase existing capacity for the short, medium and long term. Being mindful and actively minimising or avoiding capex and investments.

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Kaizen workshop (change for the better)

In Kaizen, we use various lean tools to identify waste and initiate sustainable improvements in the areas of quality, costs and delivery performance. The involvement of employees and managers in this workshop supports creativity and cooperation.

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