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Consultation and implementation support for your business success

As your specialist partner I will train and qualify your team in the application of lean methodology and tools. 

Together we will optimise best business processes across the entire value chain.

With the application of value stream mapping we will identify areas of improvement and develop tailored solutions to optimise efficiency and cost. Based on your requirements I will provide coaching and tools to assist your team to adopt a sustainable lean culture within your organisation.

My vast experience of manufacturing and lean methodology gives me the confidence that as partners we can develop your own lean production system tailored to your your specific requirements. 

As partners we will create a master plan for your business, implementing the appropriate lean tools. We will develop training for your employees and implement a manufacturing plant standard that will continuously increase value whilst reduce and eliminate waste.

Lean Workshops

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Workshop

Are you looking for cost optimisation ideas? Value stream mapping is a method to analyse your processes or services in a clear and transparent way. Optimisation ideas generated in both production and business processes can be translated into action improvements and implemented.

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Workshop capacity analysis

Do you need addition production capacity? In this workshop we analyse current capacity and develop an action plan to increase existing capacity for the short, medium and long term. Being mindful and actively minimising or avoiding capex and investments.

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SMED workshop (Single Minute Exchange of Die)

This workshop will employ video footage and analysis, this method is proven to drastically reduce changeover time by redeploying internal to external activities. Quick changeover time is the cornerstone of lean competence and gives companies the ability to react flexibly to customer requirements.

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Gerd Faedtke, Diplom-Ingenieur (FH)/MBA

Lean consultant with passion.

About me

My passion for lean motivates me - after many years of professional activity as "Lean Manager for Supplier Development for Ford's European Purchasing Department" – I became self-employed with the aim of passing on my knowledge and experience.

During my rich professional career, I have been able to get to know the critical success factors for the holistic approach when introducing and applying lean management tools.

Especially through global cooperation in international teams I gained valuable experience in order to successfully implement various lean projects. I am able to resolve difficult situations very efficiently and recognise the potential for optimization quickly. In addition the ability to get quick access to people helps me to solve possible blockades and to inspire the team again for the common goal.

A common sense was always a good guidance for me.

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